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Bhalo Achi brings on demand healthcare at your home,
and lets you get health information
and undertake research.

Our Projects

Bhalo Achi on demand App


Using Bhalo Achi on demand app, you can avail on-demand services at home at low cost. Bhalo Achi's on demand service app serves the targeted customer groups in their locality, especially, the elder people, disable people and pregnant women.

The main on demand services include physiotherapy, nursing, prenatal care, speech therapy and occupational therapy at home.

Auditing & Publication


Bhalo Achi regularly undertakes industry auditing and reporting projects related to health and environment according to the demand of its clients.

Also, Based on the present-day rescarch scopes and issues that exist in the healthcare sector, Bhalo Achi regularly publishes research papers in collaboration with renown reserachers from both home and abroad.


Bhalo Achi started its journey as a healthcare start-up in 2016. Quickly after its inception,
Bhalo Achi was funded by the Bangladesh Government due to its valuable work and project marit.
Today we are into healthcare, and the patrons of it; we look for people like us
to join us and to devise ideas to bring health service to the people.


To minimise the disparity in availing quality healthcare facilities by providing easy access to healthcare.


  • Facilitating on-demand and in-house healthcare services in Bangladesh using mHealth technology.
  • Pushing health care towards lives.

  • Impact:
  • Enhancing quality of life
  • Empower patients in decision making
  • More inclusion of disadvantaged, geriatric and disable people
  • Pushing health care towards lives
  • Saving time and cost
  • Connecting practitioners to the patients more closely
  • Facilitating decentralization
  • Creation of jobs

    To raise the spirit of healthcare contribution among the healthcare professionals
    and entities where they would compete each other to provide quality healthcare at lower cost.


    Partnered with iDEA project and Funded by Start up Bangladesh..

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    Bhalo Achi collects information to help make your Bhalo Achi service experience great.

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